Aurora Bella

Aurora Bella is a singer/songwriter currently based in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada. She performs solo as a singer-songwriter on piano, acoustic and electric guitar, and ukulele. Aurora is a charismatic performer who comes naturally to the stage, backed by extensive music education. Her songs incorporate her love of storytelling, mythology, folktales, and literature. Her personal stories and thoughtful reflections on deeper themes mix well with her sly humour, earnest youth, and clear intellectual prowess. Her dynamic groove, tasty hooks and distinct vocal style create songs that are true originals, displaying complexity and creativity. Her catchy, by turns lovely and intense tunes come from an indie/folk/rock foundation that can be compared to artists like Hozier, Feist, and Regina Spektor.

Aurora Bella wrote her first song, called Rocketship, on piano at age seven. It was followed by a succession of compositions over the years, both instrumental and lyrical, documenting her musical development and processing her experiences. She studied piano with Sandra Read of Saskatoon, SK, Brenda Bowman of Saskatoon, SK, and Chris Kodaly of Salt Spring Is., BC; guitar with Daniel Howlett of Salt Spring Is., BC; voice with Cheryl Dolan of Davidson, SK, Peter LaMarr of Saskatoon, SK (formerly of The Drifters), Michelle Footz of Salt Spring Is., BC, and Chelsea Mahan of Saskatoon, SK. She studied music composition, theory, voice, instruments, performance and production with Bruce Smith of Salt Spring Is., BC. As a child and teen, she won numerous Saskatchewan Music Festival awards for piano, voice and composing.

In 2016, Aurora auditioned and won a place at the unique Gulf Islands School for the Performing Arts (GISPA) on Salt Spring Island, BC, where she worked with a group of talented young musicians, dancers and actors to write, compose and perform an original stage musical each year presented at Artspring, a major Arts Centre and Theatre on Salt Spring Island. In 2017, they produced Under the Rainbow, an original reinterpretation of The Wizard of Oz, through the lens of the tumultuous life of Judy Garland. 2018 produced Orpheus & Eurydice, a re-imagining of the Greek myth of love and loss. The intensive program of study also included performing solo and in large and small groups at showcase events, live concerts, choir competitions and festivals.

Now based in Saskatoon, SK, she has been focusing on life as an active professional musician: writing, recording, busking; performing in coffee shops, bars, music venues, and festivals, and since the pandemic began, via streaming video, on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and her own website.

She has created a substantive body of personal work, especially for such a young artist. Her upcoming albums (expected release 2021) will allow the work to be fully realized in production, with layers of vocals, percussion, bass, strings and keys giving added dimension and feeling. “I write music because I feel the emotions I’m writing about,” Aurora Bella said in a recent interview. “I try to really channel those emotions or those stories into my songs, and I think you can feel the honesty”(Star Phoenix, Oct 2020). Music video concepts are underway, with production set to begin before the start of 2021, and the future is exciting for this dynamic artist.


“The young indie singer-songwriter based in Saskatoon . . . has carved out a fun niche for herself. The slick vocals and smooth acoustic accompaniment pair perfectly with (her) raw lyrics.” Saskatoon Star Phoenix, Oct 16, 2020

“(Aurora) Bella’s solo style is a dreamy alt-rock kind of sound, heavy on strings and filled to the brim with creativity. Her music is plaintive and powerful, and she’s a performer to keep an eye on as her career keeps progressing. Isolation can’t stop creativity, and Bella is a great young talent.” Saskatoon Star Phoenix, Apr 23, 2020.

Fun Facts:

  • In process of recording her first full length album for release in 2021.
  • Currently working on a collaborative experimental/rap duo album for release in 2021.
  • Composes original classical and electronic instrumental works as well as scores for film, and pieces for acapella choir.
  • Appears in the Nov 19, 2020 edition of Planet S’s My Music personal playlist column. Listen to the playlist here: Planet S Playlist.
  • Featured artist on the October 2020 song Homage to the Groove from the album You Would Not BELIEVE What Comes Next… by Saskatoon artist Ghost Note.
  • Rock the Mission, Girls Rock Camp Instructor, 2020.
  • Graduate of the Gulf Islands School of the Performing Arts (GISPA) on Salt Spring Island, BC.
  • Winner of the Saskatchewan Registered Music Teachers Association (SRMTA) 2016 Student Composer of the Year Competition (15 and under) and the provincial Adjudicator’s Choice award, for her piano composition The Ferret and the Fox. See this article in the Davidson Leader for an interview.
  • Winner of the Most Creative award for the Black Cat Open Mic Finals, Jan 2020.
  • Scored the soundtrack for Pizza Run, semi-finalist entry in 2019’s Run N’ Gun, Vancouver’s 48 Hour Film Competition.
  • Crochets for fun, and has sold her work at craft fairs.
  • Taught herself to fold origami when she was a small child and has folded thousands of swans, cranes, dinosaurs, stars, flowers, and other fun paper structures.
  • Trained in tap dance from age 3 to 18.
  • Wanted to be a pro soccer player when she was growing up, and played soccer from age 4 to 18. An injury while playing Div 1 city soccer at age 11 derailed her Olympic dreams.

Selected Recent Performances:

Stripped Down LIVE, Halloween edition, Shaw TV, Oct 2020:

Canadian Music Week Jim Beam National Talent Search Tour, Oct 2020:

Albertfest Socially Distanced Block Party, Saskatoon, Aug 2020:

VirtualNess, Ness Creek Music Festival, July 2020

CBC/ SaskMusic Open House Concert, April 2020

Black Cat Open Mic Finals, Jan 2020

Doylefest, Sept 2019